A multimedia documentary project by Yannis Kolesidis

An escape to one of the smaller, hard-to-get-to Greek islands is a coveted holiday destination for Greeks and foreigners alike. Each summer, their untouched landscapes, crystal-clear waters and traditional villages play host to thousands of visitors. But what happens to these quaint locales come winter, when all the tourists are gone? Things look very different when the summer’s spotlight fades. The population plummets and most of these islands are left with less than 100 permanent residents. Ferry routes dwindle, sometimes to just once a week. And when gusty winter storms encircle the Aegean, boats can remain docked at port for weeks on end, cutting islanders off from the rest of the country. At times like this, daily life can become extremely harsh.

Director Yannis Kolesidis
Photographer Yannis Kolesidis
Web DesignerChristina Dalla
Web developerDimitris Macris
Directors of Photography Yannis Kolesidis, Phoebe Fronista (Karpathos island)
Writer Ioanna Kardara
English Language Editor Phoebe Fronista
Video Editors Giorgos Kolios, Georgia Bembelou
iMEdD Project Manager Nikolas Aronis

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